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September 20th, 2012

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Pink Motorcycle Helmets

April 11th, 2011

While women have long loved to ride motorcycles, most of the helmets and protective clothing manufactured in the past was geared toward men. The arrival of pink motorcycle helmets means that women can now ride in style. With several different types of helmets to choose from, the female rider can now find a fashionable, functional motorcycle helmet.

Motorcycle Gear

Motorcycling has long been considered a man’s hobby. Despite this, there have always been many female riders. Many women love to own and ride their motorcycles as much as men. In the past, if they wanted to ride in a safe manner using a helmet, these ladies unfortunately had very few options to choose from. Almost all protective helmets and gear were designed for a male clientele. With the development of pink motorcycle helmets, women are no longer subjected to wearing male oriented gear, and can now proudly present the female motorcyclist’s presence on the road.

Types of Pink Motorcycle Helmets

Those looking for a pink motorcycle helmet will find that there are several options from which to choose. Pink full face motorcycle helmets are available for those who want ultimate protection while riding. These helmets offer full protection by covering the back base of the skull and wrapping around to cover the front of the chin. This style is the safest among motorcycle helmets. Those who want minimal protection should choose pink half motorcycle helmets. These helmets sit on top of the head and therefore only cover the top of the skull, providing much less protection than other types of helmets.

Buying A Helmet

Those who want to buy cheap pink motorcycle helmets should ensure the helmet fits properly in order to provide the best protection. Before buying, the helmet shopper should take a measuring tape and measure around the head, an inch over the eyebrows and just above the ears. This is the largest part of the head and will give the most accurate reading. Motorcycles are sized according to that measurement. Find the appropriate helmet and test it to be sure it fits snugly before purchasing. A good-fitting helmet shouldn’t be painful to wear, but also won’t be so loose that it easily shifts around while on the head.

Pink motorcycle helmets are a bold style statement for the female rider who wants to make her mark. Choosing an appropriate fitting helmet in one of several styles will allow any female to ride her motorcycle in style.

Retro Motorcycle Helmets

April 11th, 2011

Motorcycle riders who are looking for a way to ride in safety and style may prefer retro motorcycle helmets. Reminiscent of days past, many of these helmets make a fashion statement while still being road worthy. Available in a wide variety of types and styles, these helmets will please any biker looking to add a retro feel to riding.

Retro Helmet Safety

Although they may be old-fashioned, many retro style motorcycle helmets are safe enough for use on the roads today. Most are manufactured in the United States and must live up to safety standards. Before buying a retro helmet, be sure to confirm that the helmet is certified by the DOT. This will mean that it has passed safety standards and will provide adequate coverage to a rider. However, shoppers should be aware that there are some retro helmets not intended for riding. Novelty retro helmets are available and are meant for show rather than use.

Retro Helmet Styles

There are many styles of retro helmets available for those interested in their use. Some of the most popular types are the retro open face motorcycle helmets. These helmets cover the top and back of the head and the ears and sides of the face, but fail to provide protection to the chin or front of the face. Most come with the option of a snap on visor to protect the eyes while riding. Retro full face motorcycle helmets, while providing the best protection, are a bit harder to find. Full face helmets did not come into popularity until the end of the twentieth century, although some riders may be able to find full face helmets from the 1970s. There are many styles of retro helmets, covering all eras. Some of the more popular time periods include World War II style helmets, German style helmets and classic Harley Davidson helmets.

Buying Retro Motorcycle Helmets

Those looking to purchase a retro motorcycle helmet will find there are many retailers that carry these items. Motorcycle shops and online motorcycle retailers will commonly have them, as will specialty retailers that can often be found online. Another good place to find retro helmets is on auction sites such as Ebay.

Although they may present a style from another era, most retro motorcycle helmets are compatible with today’s safety standards, and their many styles can be found at most motorcycle retailers. These helmets provide a way for today’s motorcyclists to ride with yesterday’s style.

Vintage Motorcycle Helmets

April 11th, 2011

Vintage motorcycle helmets are essential items for any motorcycle enthusiast who loves to collect classic memorabilia. Hailing from any number of historical periods, these old-style helmets generally are for show and aren’t safe for riding today, making them a great collector’s item.

Types of Vintage Helmets

Those interested in collecting motorcycle gear will find that there are many types of vintage motorcycle helmets available. Vintage leather motorcycle helmets are one of the most popular styles. Period piece helmets are also favored. Some of the most popular time periods for motorcycle helmet collectibles are World War II and the 1960s. These helmets often present a very distinct look, and are perfect for those who wish to present a display of historical motorcycle gear.

True Vintage Helmets

Collectors know that there is a difference between a true vintage motorcycle helmet and a vintage style motorcycle helmet. A true vintage helmet is definitely a collector’s piece. It is an authentic item that hails from its time period. Vintage style helmets are replicas. These helmets are made today and are often outfitted according to modern safety standards, but they have the style and design of a vintage piece. Replicas are often road ready and are made for riding, while few true vintage helmets are suitable for use and are better just for show. Sometimes the untrained eye cannot distinguish between a true vintage and a vintage style helmet, so it is important for the collector to confirm the authenticity of a helmet before making a purchase.

Where To Find Vintage Helmets

Those looking to acquire a vintage motorcycle helmet have several places to look. These helmets can sometimes be found in motorcycle specialty shops or certain online retailers. A shopper would probably have better luck looking at online auction sites such as Ebay. Occasionally, a vintage helmet may turn up at a local second hand store or pawn shop. The key for the prospective buyer is to always be looking, because vintage helmets can turn up anywhere. The value of these helmets varies greatly, so proper research should always be done in advance to ensure the helmet is being purchased for an appropriate price.

Vintage motorcycle helmets are great collectible pieces for motorcycle enthusiasts or hobbyists interested in classic memorabilia. These helmets range in value, price and style, according to their respective time periods. When found, the vintage motorcycle helmet can prove to be a real gem for its owner.

Carbon Fiber Helmets

April 11th, 2011

Those looking for a strong and durable helmet for motorcycling, skateboarding, biking, or any other sport should consider a carbon fiber helmet. These helmets are the strongest available and can provide ultimate protection to the head – the most important part of the body. Although a bit expensive, they are extremely popular for their comfort and strength.

Advantages of Carbon Fiber Helmets

Carbon fiber helmets come with many advantages. The carbon fiber material is extremely lightweight, meaning it won’t be burdensome to wear. Despite its weight, it is one of the strongest materials available, and is even more durable than steel. Because the head is so important to protect, carbon fiber helmets are an excellent choice. These helmets are crucial in protecting against concussion, injury or even death should a serious accident occur. They provide much better protection and are much safer than traditional plastic helmets.

Types of Carbon Fiber Helmets

Carbon fiber helmets come in a variety of types to fit different sports. Carbon fiber half helmets for motorcyclists are among the most popular types. Bicyclists can also find a variety of carbon fiber bike helmets. These are an especially good option for those who do a lot of road riding as there is always a risk when sharing the road with cars. Carbon fiber full face helmets are available for those riders who want an extra safeguard against injury. They are a good choice for dirt bike riders who need the extra level of protection for the front of the face and the chin. Skateboarders and scooter riders also have their pick of carbon fiber helmets for protection.

Carbon Fiber Cost

The main disadvantage of buying a carbon fiber helmet is the cost. These helmets are often much more expensive than other types. Some people may attempt to cut costs by buying a second hand helmet, but this is never a good idea.  There is no telling if a used helmet has been in an accident or is damaged in some way. Those who are buying a helmet for occasional use may find that the expense isn’t worth it, however many people feel that carbon fiber helmets offer such great protection that they are well worth the investment.

Those needing ultimate protection while riding or skating should consider carbon fiber helmets. The quality and durability offered by these helmets is a huge step above plastic helmets. Although expensive, these helmets provide the best protection possible for any rider.


Vespa For Sale

April 11th, 2011

Those looking for an easy, fuel efficient and trendy way to travel should look for a Vespa for sale. These iconic, bright colored scooters have long been known for their fun style and the ease with which they allow people to travel. Created in Italy, the Vespa scooter can now be found in countries around the world. Long an international favorite, the Vespa is an excellent form of transportation

Advantages of the Vespa

Vespas are a great choice for transportation, especially in today’s world because they are very fuel-efficient and economically friendly. Some Vespas can get as many as 100 miles to the gallon. These scooters are road-worthy and are excellent options for those who live in a big city or attend classes at a large University. The Vespa’s small size means it can conveniently fit in parking spaces that cars can’t.

Buying A Vespa

There are many varieties of Vespas for sale, so the prospective buyer needs to do a little research before going shopping. If you are looking for a Vespa, first ask yourself how often you will be needing your scooter. Will it be for everyday commuting or occasional or weekend use? This can help determine the type of Vespa to buy. Also know that those looking at a classic Vespa for sale will likely have to put some care and maintenance into it, although it can be a valuable piece. Modern Vespas will often be more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly. An old Vespa scooter for sale can be nice for those hobbyists looking for a fixer-upper. Considering the use of the scooter will help determine the type of Vespa to buy.

Finding A Vespa For Sale

Those looking for a Vespa for sale have several options in finding one of these popular scooters. Vespa dealers are available throughout the United States, however they aren’t in all areas. Because these dealers may not be in convenient locations for all, online sites such as Ebay can also be good places to find a Vespa. The Vespa company has an international presence, and many varieties of Vespas can be found worldwide.

A Vespa scooter is an extremely fuel-efficient and fun way to get around. Whether it is a classic Vespa or a more modern model, these scooters are well-known for their functionality. Those looking to ride in style can find Vespas for sale all over the world.

Used Mobility Scooters

April 8th, 2011

Those who need the convenience of easy transport but can’t afford its price tag of an expensive mobility scooter may want to find a used mobility scooter. These scooters are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and offer an affordable option for those who need the assistance of an electric mobility scooter.


Used mobility scooters come in every type, shape and size. If you are looking for an easier way to get around the house, you may benefit from a used 3 wheel mobility scooter. If you need a scooter designed for outdoor use, you may prefer a used 4 wheel mobility scooter. There are a number of advantages to each type – 3 wheel scooters generally fold up for easy transport, while 4 wheel scooters enable a person to travel in and out of the home.

Quality Used Scooters

Just because one is buying a used scooter, does not mean that quality should be sacrificed. Many used scooters are in very good condition. Buying from a reputable retailer or medical supplier will mean a better chance of getting a quality scooter. Many used scooters can also be purchased through personal owners via websites such as Ebay and Craigslist. When looking for a used mobility scooter, remember that after-market items can be purchased to accessorize the vehicle. These include things like baskets, cane holders, and cup holders and can help transform a mediocre used scooter into a customized, functional vehicle.

What To Look For In A Used Scooter

When buying used mobility scooters, it is important to check out some key features in order to ensure the scooter is a quality purchase. Check to see if the battery is working and how long it will hold a charge. Make sure all the controls are working and the scooter is able to move in all directions. Check the condition of the tires, seat and frame. Finally, comfort is an extremely important feature and shouldn’t be overlooked. Because mobility scooters play such an integral role in many people’s daily lives, it is important that you find a scooter that you feel comfortable riding.

A used mobility scooter is a great option for the person who can’t afford a brand new scooter. Quality machines are available in many types and can be found at various retailers and websites. With accessories available to customize even the most boring machines, almost everyone can find a used mobility scooter to fit their needs.

Honda XR50 Review

April 8th, 2011

The Honda XR50, also called the “Fiddy”, is a popular mini dirt bike that is used all over the world in competitions and for casual use. Mini dirt bikes were originally meant for kids, but they have taken the dirt bike industry by storm and have become massively popular amongst adults.

A Small But Powerful Bike

Whether you are a freestyle rider or MX competitor, the Honda XR50 is an enjoyable bike to drive. This bike is fairly cheap, so you can do crazy stunts without having to worry about paying hundreds of dollars-worth of damage. The bike is small enough to be ridden by kids, but powerful enough to provide great fun for adults.

To date, the XR50 has been modified into a popular adult motocross vehicle. It is common to see professional riders use this bike to perform ramp tricks, rail grinds, wheelies, and back flips. Recent XR50 mini bikes for sale feature special modification to handle the extra weight and speed requirements. Honda XR50 mini dirt bikes only cost $1200 to buy brand new, making them more than a bargain. Often, a dirt bike enthusiast will spend the times that much simply upgrading and modifying the bike.

XR50 Offers a Customizable Engine as Well as Heavy Suspension and Brakes

The XR50 includes everything that a casual dirt biker will need, including engine hop kits, heavy suspension, massive brakes, and engine tweaking tool. There is a growing demand for customization for this bike, so XR50 upgrades are constantly being introduced to the market.

The “Fiddy” customization ships like Powroll and Fast50s have make the components in the US, while other stores get kits and parts from Japan. Sano Systems and BBR Motorsports are the two most recognizable brands for XR50 customization. These companies are known for engines, wheels, forks, brakes, frames, mounts, graphics, bars, and just about anything else you may need. If you have a few extra bucks to spend, you can have a bike that is several times faster and stronger.

50cc Dirt Bikes

April 4th, 2011

For many dirt bike enthusiasts, the passion for riding began when they were very young. 50cc dirt bikes are designed just for children, enabling them to learn to ride in a safe manner. Finding a cheap 50cc dirt bike is a great way to expose your child to the world of dirt bikes.

Ideal For Children

50cc dirt bikes, also known as mini dirt bikes, are ideal because they are designed specifically with children in mind. Most are suitable for 6 – 12 year olds. Many bikes come with removable training wheels for the young beginner. The engine speed will vary depending on the design of the bike and the weight of the driver, but most top out at around 40mph.

Cheap 50cc Dirt Bikes

For those starting out, it is often not necessary to spend a lot of money on a bike. A cheap 50cc dirt bike is a great way to get acclimated to the sport without making a big investment. There are many places to find cheap bikes. Online retailers often have great sales or clearance specials. Garage sales and auctions are also good places to find a quality used bike for very cheap. Sometimes retailers will have closeout specials or discounted items. There are plenty of places to find a cheap dirt bike, so be sure to do a little shopping around before buying one.

Things To Look For

When buying cheap 50cc mini dirt bikes, it is important to make sure you are making a quality purchase. To do that, examine a few things before buying. Safety is key, so be sure to check out the brakes first, as they need to be in good working order. The bike also needs to be a good fit for the rider, so make sure the child is able to comfortably reach the pedals and handlebars. It is also a good idea to buy a bike that is EPA approved, since this means it won’t pollute the environment as much as some other bikes. Finally, always check the warranty of a bike before purchasing. Look into any warranty and make sure you know its exact specifications and stipulations before buying.

A good-quality 50cc dirt bike is a great way for a child to learn the fun sport of dirt bike racing. 50cc dirt bikes for cheap are inexpensive, giving your family lots of fun while saving your wallet.


Mini Bike Kits

April 4th, 2011

Mini bikes, also known as mini motorcycles, are fun toys that people young and old like to enjoy. Those who want to be able to ride a bike at their convenience and also take pride in its creation should look at purchasing a mini bike kit. Mini bike kits are great ways to allow hobbyists and enthusiasts alike to create their own bike and customize it to their desire.

What’s Included

While some may be able to find mini bike kits with engine included, most will see that the majority of kits come without an engine and clutch. Many people actually prefer this as it allows them to make the bike their own and add an engine with the power they desire. Aside from the engine and clutch, people will find complete mini bike kits with everything needed for assembly. This includes frame, wheels, seat, throttle, axles, and other necessary components. This complete set of materials in one place eases the process of having to shop around for all the necessary parts, and it reduces the risk that one won’t be able to find something or will forget a piece.

Creating A Custom Bike

The type of mini bike kit purchased will determine how creative a user can be when building their bike. Some companies will allow the user to custom-build their own kit, meaning they can choose the type and size of the tires, frame, and so on. This is a great option for the person who is familiar with the mini bike and knows what they want. Most bikes also need to be painted after they are assembled, giving the owner another way that they can customize their creation.

Assembling A Mini Bike

Most mini bike kits come with complete instructions which make the bikes easy to assemble. The vast majority come with complete frames, which means that no welding is required. Most also come with all the parts needed, meaning you won’t have to worry about finding the nuts and bolts needed to put together your creation. This makes the kit a great choice for those who are looking for a fun weekend project.

Using a mini bike kit is a great way to build a bike that can yield to hours of fun. The complete materials, easy assembly and customization options mean that those looking to create something that will look and feel like their own will truly loving using mini bike kits.